Join us as we connect in Mosman

We are teaching children at Mosman Public and at Mosman Prep. We are showing Jesus to the young people at Mosman High and Queenwood. We are supporting mums at Mosman Mums.

We are leading children to know Jesus better through activities including Clems Club, Oasis, Boys and Girls Club.

We are proclaiming the good news each Sunday at 8am, 10am, 5pm, and 7pm and the 1st Saturdays at 6pm.

We are visiting the sick at Mosman Private and Sirius Cove Nursing Home and meeting the elderly at Glengarry.

We are marrying those who are in love, baptising those who are new to this world, & giving thanks for those whose life has come to an end.

We are introducing people to Jesus, helping people to know him, growing in small groups, & confirming those who believe in Jesus.

We are collecting for those in need, caring for carers,  & singing Carols at the Rotunda.


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