Community care

Caring for Carers

On third Saturday of the month from 1pm St Clement’s runs a group to care for children living with disabilities  and to provide carers with some respite.  Please contact the office to register.

Disability Inclusive Community

St Clement’s seeks to help make our church and ministries places where every person is appreciated, welcomed and encouraged to serve.  We have successfully integrated children living with disabilities into our children’s programmes.  Please speak to our children’s minister Tracy McGregor for more information.


St Clement’s has a team of volunteers who regularly visit the sick and elderly in their homes or hospital. These people, in consultation with the minister, provide wonderful support and encouragement for those who would otherwise be alone and often isolated. They spend time reading the bible and praying with those they visit and are often able to provide practical assistance as well.

Freezer Ministry

The freezer in the church building is used for storing frozen meals which staff take when visiting people at a time of need (ill health, bereavement, birth of a baby etc). This ministry is sustained by the provision of meals by members of the church and can be supported by taking and filling one of the plastic containers provided.


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